Thursday, December 15, 2011

Episode 7: Change Happens

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Yes I know this was supposed to be reviews, but a few things happened:

a. So many things that I want to review
b. Not enough hours in the day to do so
c. I was lazy

What's on My Sewing Machine:
My quilt: Five sections are done, the sixth should be done on Friday when I can make a huge dent into the seventh section.

Sister's quilt: Originally I was going to take it out of hiatus next week, but have changed my mind and wait till my quilt is done.

Mom's quilt: is going into an official hiatus until I can finish two projects

Neighbor's Quilt (new): A Pinwheel quilt for my neighbor who has helped us out for the past year or so.

Prototype bag: for possible sale on ETSY

What's on my Crochet Hook:
Making a vest for my grandmother

Jackie of Jackie's Quilting Chronicles is doing a tutorial on designing a quilt on a Mac using Numbers 

Main Topic: Goals for 2012

Finish all of my projects that I'm currently working on.
Get things up onto ETSY
Design a quilt
Possibly attend MQX East
Keeping a notebook

Thanks to Colleen for her comment on my guild possibilities

Need to catch up on other podcasts

Question of the Week: With Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner, how many quilts are you making/made for gifts during this time of year?

Thanks for listening!

Edit: Whoops! This was supposed to go up tomorrow, ah well! As of right now everything is not outdated.

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