Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Episode 5: Click and Quilt

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Thank you to Robyn who left two comments on the Qusew blog and to CJ who left a comment on Quilting the Day Away.

Jury duty is done! Getting lost in the city afterwards was not.

What's on my sewing machine!: Sister's quilt taking a mini vacation due to jury duty and other activites.

Mom's quilt has begun!
Missouri Star Tube Quilting video

Finished all of the blocks for my quilt and have started to piece the top together. I've decided to machine quilt it at home.

In the Notebook:
Wall hangings

Main Topic: Social Media and Quilting
The Positives
The Negatives
My View

Special thanks to all who replyed to my Big Tent thread

Anyone else is doing Nanowrimo? (National Novel Writing Month)

NYC Update and Episode 6 details!

Question of the Week: Two questions really: Do you use precuts? If so, what is your favorite kind to use? and What do you think of Social Media and Quilting (if you already answered in the Big Tent thread, please don't answer again since it will basically be your same views as before Thanks!

Closing Music will begin with Episode 6 (I had planned to do it with this episode, but was not happy with my final product)

Happy Quilting!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rachel
    The only pre-cuts I have even got into are fat quarters. I do have one jelly roll that I have had for a couple years, and can't find a good pattern to make with it. I won some charm squares from Katie (Katie's Quiet Quilting Place) and I just found the pattern that suits them perfectly.
    To me, it is just as easy to cut fabric myself. I don't mind that part at all.
    With respect to social media, I really enjoy it. Quilting is a pretty solitary activity most of the time, so it is great that we can connect by blogs and podcasts.