Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Episode 1: Hello

Qusew is offically launched!

Here are the Show Notes

Introducing Myself
-How long have I been quilting
-My Backstory with podcasts
-Why I wanted to do a quilting podcast
-Talk about how long each episode will be

Here are the segments that will be on each episode (except for today, this is just introduction)

*Whats on my sewing table: which I talk about what I'm working on.

*Interesting Websites: Blogs, Instructional videos etc.

*Main Topic: Depending on the episode, this will vary from creating a top, to backing, to quilting. Block creation will be the main focus of this portion of the podcast for the next few episodes.

*Question of the Week: Where I ask a question to listeners about Quilting and read the replies on the next episode.

Talk about what I'm working on:
The fabric I talked about

Moda's 30's Solids Charm Pack
Terrain by Kate Spain from Moda Charm Pack  
Fat Quarter September Club: Apple Cider

Tutorials that I (tried) to use for my blocks:

Hour Glass (which I used)
Pinwheel (that I screwed up sewing together :(, not the tutorials fault)

Ask the Question of the Week: What size was the first quilt that you ever made (baby, twin etc). If all you have made is wall hangings, that would work as well. Send your answers to splashjournal at yahoo dot com

To listen to the episode click here.

My regular quilting blog (Quilting the Day Away)

Don't worry, future episodes will be longer and a little bit less rambly.


  1. Welcome to podcasting Rachel! I listened to your first 2 episodes just now - great job! In answer to your question: my first quilt was a small wallhanging/sampler I bought at JoaAnns years ago. Not very good at all, but I still have it.

    Keep up the great work!
    Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom blog and podcast)

  2. Thanks Tanesha!! I'll mention your response in Episode 3. :)

  3. Hello,

    I hope you will come and join listeners and other pod-casters at BIG TENT,


    quiltcast supergroup

    Also you might want to join up with SEAMED UP a quilter group like RAVELRY


    As a new quilter I think you may enjoy the groups that meet there.


  4. Love your podcast, keep it up!